Buddsbuddy Kids Tongue Cleaner 2Y+ – Blue


Brand : Buddsbuddy

Product :  Kids Tongue Cleaner

Age : 2y+

Color : Blue

Material Free : (BPA Free

Qty : 1 Set

2 in stock


  • Leo style tongue cleaner – This is a Leo style tongue cleaner specially designed for your toddlers to perform the mouth cleaning in a perfect way. It has Non Slip Thumb Grip so that it can be hold tight and clean your tongue in effective way. It has 2 Step Cleaning process to clean your tongue in a faster way.
  • Safe to use – The tongue cleaner is made from silicon, whereas the soft rubber tips help in the effective cleaning of the tongue. The product is 100% safe and gentle to on the tender skin of your toddlers.
  • Removes Bad breath – The tongue cleaner is quick and easy to use and completely removes bad breath causing bacteria which can’t be done only by brushing.


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