Mee Mee Multipurpose Daiper Bag (Pink)


Brand : Mee Mee

Product : Multipurpose Bag

Color : Pink

Qty : 1 Bag


2 in stock


  • Spacious and multifunctional; can store clothes, diapers,feeding accessories, medicines, toys and even lightweight bedding all at once.
  • Multiple pockets on the inside and outside which you can dedicate to individual baby products like pacifier, wipes, diapers etc.
  • Opens widely so that you can see and access the contents inside easily.
  • Insulated bottle holder pocket helps to keep the milk in the bottles warm, Wide shoulder straps provide extra support and make it easy to carry.
  • Padded changing mat that can be used to change your baby’s diaper anywhere, Compact size that makes it convenient to carry everywhere you go


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